...and the ball begins to roll...

It's taken me over a year, but I'm happy to announce that on October 2nd I will be presenting Like Water, an event that combines my poetry with performance art and music. It's been a long time coming. When I first wrote Like Water it was something to break up the intense nature of what I was writing. Now, it's an hour + show of a dozen poems.

Additionally, I made a call out to various page and slam poets and will feature their works in breaks of my set. The recorded elements of Like Water feature production and vocals from Bermuda/UK DnB/Soul-step outfit 1Undread, Brampton's Soulfistikato and a local favorite poet -- Vanessa McGowan. The live version will also feature Soulfistikato (hosting & DJing) as well as performance art curated by Christina Kozak, and poetry from Tomy Bewick, Patrick Connors, Cathy Petch, and Liz Gallo. If you're in Toronto October 2nd and can make it to May Cafe please join us.

November 1st, I will be reading at the International Festival of Authors in an event celebrating the work of Austin Clarke. For some reason I'll be signing autographs (probably for Bending the Continuum). I look up to Mr. Clarke so this is a pretty big deal for me.

Finally, I have no clue when my next book is being launched (looks like early 2016), but I recently received a JPG with the cover art from Dominic Laporte. I'm really pleased.

Almost forgot, the weekend before Like Water, Patrick Connors will be hosting a 100TPC event. Keep an eye on my Facebook fan page for more details (I believe that it's an early afternoon event this year in Kensington Market).

Take care all!

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