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Since my last post a lot has happened. I finished drafts of my short story collection and my novella. As I indicated in my last post, writing my novella was hell. For at least 4 weeks, I slept maybe 2 hours a day. Spending most of my time re-writing a manuscript that was short-listed for an award, yet, was not up to my standards. I felt embarrassed about my past writing. It was a humbling experience.

Writing will always humble you. I've met writers who think they know the universe, simply, because they are writers. I don't understand that way of thinking. Writing teaches me to accept failure. To face failure head on. It anchors me in the reality that I am imperfect.

It looks like my novella will be published early next year by Grey Borders. I'm still waiting to hear on the publisher's thoughts of my current draft, but I'm hopeful that it's close to publishable. I don't want to write such a dramatic re-write of a manuscript again. I haven't asked them, b…

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