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Finding my own philosophy as an editor


It's been way too long since my last post. I've been busy. Unfortunately, some of the things I've worked on, I'm not at liberty to talk about. Even more frustrating, my content here may dissipate as myself and regular collaborator Liz start our Medium page.

It's one of the first projects that we're working on as we try to figure out if we can work together on ongoing projects. Writing Air together was a pleasure. I guess this is us gambling that a segment of our income can come from our trust in working together. That said, I need to be able to write 4 to 5 small pieces weekly. So, some things that I may discuss here in longer posts, will end up there, broken into smaller posts.

Another thing that has been filling my time is editing. I was a judge for an emerging writers poetry competition hosted by Quattro Books. The competition started late last year and culminated in myself and Kate Marshall-Flaherty selecting 3 poets who are going to be featured …

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