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Happy 2019!


I hope you guys have had as enjoyable a season as I have. A few years ago, my dad was given a Macbook and never used the PC laptop that my mom bought him. Knowing that I needed a new laptop, my mom had it checked and gave it to me. It's a decent temporary fix until I find the right computer. Especially with one of my Christmas gifts... a Wifi router. Finally, I can lounge on my couch and work! No longer will guests tease me for not having Wifi in my apartment...enough about me.

If you've been following Liz and my Medium page, We're Still Cool, you'll have noticed a change in layout and design there. That's just the first part in our plan to turn our publication into a more professional space. Our next step is two-fold:

1/ Increase subscribers/followers
2/ Begin recruiting people to write pieces for us.

Increasing followers is partially on me. I need to be a more active person on Medium, and by being more active I hope to draw more attention to our page. …

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