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No press releases

Recently, it's felt like every writer that I know either has a publicist that announces their incremental movements, or, they personally blast their social media with proclamations of success. Personally, I find this weird.

Yes, we need to know about your next book, or when you're doing a public reading, but that's where my interest begins and ends.

Perhaps, I'm the one in the wrong here. Perhaps, I should announce everything that I do. It's tough seeking balance in an environment where, as writers, we're forced to have public personas, but writing is an extremely private and intimate pursuit.

Happy 2018! So far, I've spent this year judging a poetry competition as a secret judge, recruiting authors for an anthology that I'm editing, editing my next poetry collection, building a relationship with a kids' publisher through a rejected YA manuscript, getting a few arts grants, public readings and workshops. No fanfare, no press releases, just my daily…

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