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Canada's great literary generation...and other fictions

Greetings. First things first, This past Thursday I was happy to receive my copy of my next book in the mail. After sharing a picture of it with the photographer who allowed me to use her photo last night, I feel comfortable sharing a picture of the book with the world today. I know that I've already shared a jpeg of the layout, but having the physical copy of the book and sharing it feels special.

I was explaining to a friend on Thursday, the story behind why this book means so much. Around 6 years ago I was dumped by a woman who wanted me to get a normal job and stop writing. I had a choice: Find a proper job, and crawl back, or write. I spent the next 6 weeks writing the first draft of this book. It took 6 years, being short-listed for a publisher's competition and a significant re-write (changing it from a 3rd person to a series of 1st person narratives) to get it published, but here it is.

The launch is April 29th at the In the Soil Festival.

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