Our new Medium page and other news

Greetings all,

It's been a while since I've updated here, so I just wanted to make a quick update. First, my writing collaborator Liz and I have started our own Medium page, "We're Still Cool." It's been going strong for about 2 months. We both contribute 2-3 articles there weekly, so if you are interested in opinion pieces and works of flash non-fiction have a read. Most of the writing is behind a paywall, but you can still read a limited number of articles for free.

From my pieces there I strongly recommend, Jazz and My Father and Reggae Is In My Bones. Liz also has some fantastic pieces there.

In the next 3 or 4 weeks my poetry is going to be published in 2 anthologies: "Tamaracks" and "Another Dysfunctional Cancer Poem Anthology" (Mansfield Press).

Of the two, understanding your limited resources, I strongly encourage those who can, to support the Mansfield Press anthology.

Also next month, I'll be hosting a panel with Liz (We're Still Cool), Takatsu (Inspiritus Press),  and Gaby (Dames Making Games) as part of the Make Change Conference.

Also, in November the anthology I'm co-editing, "Best New Poets in Canada, 2018" (Quattro Books) is scheduled to launch.

QUICK UPDATE-- the Quattro Anthology is now launching February, 2019.

Until my next post, peace and respect.

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