Fathers' Day

When I posted that I would be writing here sporadically earlier this year, I never imagined that we would be dealing with a global pandemic and racial unrest later in the year. Welcome to 2020 everyone!

Through all of this, Liz and I have continued to record our podcasts. What started as face-to-face recordings is now being done on a combo of Zoom, CleanFeed and a handful of other VOIP apps. The anthology that I finished editing last year finally went to print and contributors have started getting copies. I haven't gotten my copies, but I've seen pictures posted in social media.

This past Sunday was Father's Day. I don't know what that means to everyone. Some of you rightfully hate Father's Day. But for my fam, we celebrate it. This year the Swans decided to get into the current century. Laptops and iPhones were prepared and a video conference chat between three generations of the Swan family hung out for a couple hours. The star of the show, my dad, AKA grandpa was oddly quiet. Smiling as his grandson in LA, sons in Ottawa, Toronto, his son and daughter-in-law beside him in Bermuda and wife in New Brunswick conversed about computers, music, gaming and their phones. Cameos were made by the newest grandson with his other grandparents, and his eldest grandson's wife who is an essential worker in LA.

It was great to see everyone. It's been way too long. But damn it was tiring. The youngest grandson looks a lot like old pictures of my dad. He's huge for a baby his age. I'm the only adult member of the family that's not married. But thankfully, there's no pressure on me to get married to fit in. Instead, it was jokes and laughs at my dad's silence.

The newest father in my family joked that my nephew needs to become a father so that we can start calling my parents great granddad and great grandma. My mom was not impressed, but the rest of us laughed.

With everything going on, it was good to see everyone in fairly good health. My nephew had a recent surgery, but none of us have gotten sick. It was a good excuse for all of us to check up on one another. I can't talk about Hallmark holidays, or what constitutes a real family. Let's be honest, some of us had to create our families when we became adults. Our genetic parents are not the people we consider our parental figures. But what these days can do, is give us an excuse to reach out to our parental figures and say, "Hi." Wish them good health, if they're still with us, and check up on the people we call our families. That's what I hope you all had the chance to do this weekend.

Take care
Peace and respect

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