If you're a regular to this blog, you've already realized that I've changed the layout. I like this more modern layout quite a bit. Currently, I'm in rural upstate NY taking a break from writing, and everything that entails. My time at Arts Letters And Numbers has been well needed.

This is the first year in a while, that I've been able to take two trips that didn't involve promoting a book, in a number of years. First, an Ottawa visit, and second this. I didn't realize how badly I needed to take a break from writing, until I finally found a way to create these moments of rest.

I'm not sure how many chances I'll have to take a week off from writing/editing in the next couple of years. If everything goes well, I'll start announcing projects that will take up all of my time, soon. Both involve work as an editor. To polish my self-taught skills in that field, I'm trying to find internship opportunities.

Hopefully it all works out. Also, I just realized that you can pre-order my next book. He Doesn't Hurt People Anymore is my first collection of short stories. They're mostly dark, yet fun stories. A couple light pieces are in there as well.

While I'm here, I've been working on a spoken-word/theatre piece with Liz from MXTP_CLTRS. We're having an open rehearsal later today. It's been a lot of practicing this week, but honestly, this is an easy vacation for me. I'm working on something, but having the freedom to not write, or edit a manuscript, or galley is refreshing. I can spend an early afternoon by a lake, instead of re-writing a manuscript. Yesterday, Liz and I went to Mass MoCA. when I get back home, I plan to write about our experience there. That's how much fun I'm having! 2  blog posts in less than a week! Wow!

Hope you guys are doing well.

Peace and Respect

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