Award Result, Publisher's List


It's the time of year that I disappear from Toronto and hang out with family in the Maritimes.

Unfortunately, I didn't win Grey Borders' Wanted Works competition. However, I was greeted with great news this week. Oratorealis, a spoken word and experimental poetry journal has featured A Mingus Lullaby on their "Publisher's Favourites -- Canadian Poetry 2016" list.

A Mingus Lullaby is featured in a list that features names like Vivek Shraya, and Bill Bissett.

In other news, I'm reading at Brockton Writers Series in January, and writing a spoken word/play project with fellow MXTP_CLTRS member Liz Glxy. Hopefully, we'll be sharing our project with the general public in March.

Currently, I'm sending my third poetry manuscript to US and UK publishers, while with renewed vigor, pitching my novella manuscript, Tuesday, to publishers. With Tuesday now a competition finalist, I have confidence that it'll finally find a home. It's sort of crazy, that in a year that I found disappointing, I had my first manuscript reach a literary shortlist. Not a poetry collection, but a novella. Hopefully, that portends to a successful 2017.


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