Vallum Magazine, and my up coming show

Someone at Vallum Magazine must love my poetry. I have no clue why, but at every turn Vallum has made extra effort to promote my writing. What's funny is that I've only submitted once and had one poem published by them.

“The Irrelevant Age,” is an important poem for me. When Vallum first informed me that it would be published, I was working on my final draft of “Bending theContinuum.” My editor had taken the poem out of the manuscript, and I was struggling to decide whether I would put it back in. After learning about it getting published in Vallum's “futures” edition I copied and pasted the original draft and placed it as the first poem in the manuscript.

When Vallum decided to begin publishing their magazine digitally, they naturally gravitated to the poem, asking for my permission to republish it in a special e-edition of Vallum. Today, I was informed that “The Irrelevant Age,” will be the part of their “Poem of the Week,” online feature.

Each time that Vallum has contacted me, it has been at an important point in my career. This time, I'm trying to decide my next steps after a 2nd year trying to navigate through school applications. I think I know what I'm going to do now, heavily influenced by the lectures that I witnessed at the Griot Summit.

I've never seen so many poets who are as engaged in the academic side of spoken-word as I did that weekend. It's comforting to know that I'm not the only one.

On October 2nd, I will be presenting, “Like Water,” A presentation of poetry that will feature Dub poetry, Story telling, Rap, Slam inspired, and lyrical poetry at May Cafe. I'll be performing something like 16 poems! My business partner Soulfistikato will be DJing instrumentals featuring musicians and producers from 3 countries (Canada, UK, Bermuda). Christina, who is part of the performance artist collective, THE BROKEN DOLL FACTORY, that hosts the monthly Nuts & Volts events will be performing with us.

We'll also have special guest poets and musicians gracing the stage. More to come as things near.

Recently, I've been debating whether I wanted to more aggressively use SEO tools with this blog. I've decided against it. To make a complicated explanation simple, this Blog is hosted by Google, and the numerous links do serve a purpose to search engine algorithms.

Also, it's about time that I disconnect my Facebook Fanpage from my Twitter account. It'll mean more work, but, it's about time that I did the work.

Until I find an agent for my novel, or, a publisher for my novella there's nothing else to do (minus getting the cover for my book sorted, and memorizing 16 poems!).

Good night. Peace and Respect

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