My op-ed for Write Magzine


Yesterday was pretty cool. I read at a poetry reading that started around the time I prefer waking up at and met some pretty interesting people there. Afterwards Patrick Connors, James Deahl, his wife and myself grabbed coffee, before Patrick and I had a jovial argument with a Conservative gentleman while the 4 of us (and a father and son beside us) watched sports between beers. Really cool guy, he played football for SFXU and went to high school with Leo Rautins. It always amazes me how a love for sports can unify people of very different political views.

I digress. Recently, I officially became a member of the Writers Union of Canada. My member page looks awful (I'll add a link somewhere after I fix it). I also received a copy of the Write Magazine that my op-ed (which I wrote a year ago) was published in. I believe that the full magazine is available through the Union, however, my article is featured in the pdf magazine sampler. If pro wrestling is your thing, I've also written a pretty scathing op-ed about WWE for Digital Journal.

Peace and Respect

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