A New Year with new resolutions


It's been a while since I've posted here for good reason. After performing in Parkdale, and teaching workshops in Ottawa, for Peoples Social Forum, my efforts last year shifted to an organization I was assisting. My plan was to announce the programs we were working on after things became official.

Things never became official. This has left me in a significant hole financially, and attempting to rework things creatively. Spiritually, what I learned about a particular individual has left me crushed. Who knows what my future holds. I'm seriously considering leaving Ontario, becoming a "big fish" elsewhere and trying again.

Currently, I'm trying to save a project that was sent to OAC for grant consideration under that organization's umbrella. Thankfully, they've given me time to try to rework the project, and have allowed me to use SoulJahRas as the organization behind the application. Hopefully, this crazy idea I had last year can still happen.

Writing wise, my efforts are devoted to a YA novel right now. So far, I have 3 chapters done with a minimum of 12 to go. It's looking good.

The only thing that I haven't posted about is the listening party Dan and I had. For the first time, Dan shared his instrumental album and I shared the full Like Water project, which I performed segments from at Lab Cab. Smaller numbers than we expected, but it felt good sharing our work.

On Boxing Day fellow poet Patrick Connors and I went to a Marlies game. Pat asked me what my New Years resolution was for 2015. I told him that my main goal is to be happy. If I enter 2016 with a genuine smile on my face this year will have been a success.

As I get older, I am finally beginning to grasp what I've learned actually means. I always knew the healing powers of forgiveness, but I didn't understand what that meant until I was given no choice but to forgive someone. Until last year I thought that I understood the importance of being spiritually balanced, but it wasn't until I experienced imbalance that the lesson fell into place. In 2015, I will try to truly experience happiness with the same zeal. To be honest, I have no clue what that will mean for others, how it will effect my writing, or if my happiness is found in another province, country, or continent. But I am excited for this new journey.

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