Summer events, happenings, etc.,

It's been a little while since I posted here, so let's catch up on things.

First, I had a blast in February as the Writer in Residence for Open Book Toronto. I think I wrote some important work. Please go and check it out.

Others appeared to have agreed and I was asked to write an Op. Ed. for Writers' Union of Canada's Write Magazine, which will be published in their Fall/Winter edition. Pretty high praise for a writer who is not a member of any writing unions!

This Summer has been good. I volunteered at Slamtario last week. Next week, I will be performing a portion of Like Water at Parkdale's Lab Cab. And in August, I will be collaborating with SoulJahRas partner Dan D'Onorio at the Peoples' Social Forum in Ottawa. Speaking of SoulJahRas, Dan and I also plan to have a listening party, where we will be sharing our various recorded projects, this August. We will be joined by a producer whose work is heavily influenced by John Cage. Soul (Dan) will be sharing his new instrumental project. I shall be sharing the whole Like Water project, and parts of Gold (the second part to my TBR series). Soul and I shall also be sharing some of the new work from our D.C. collaborations.

Currently, I'm working on a lot of projects. Most I can't talk about. I am starting work on a new novella -- even though I have not found a home for the last one that I wrote yet. Everything else I've been sworn to secrecy.

If you're new to this blog, check out all the pages -- that's where the meat of this site is. Otherwise, take care.

Peace and Respect

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