Lots going on (but not really)

It's funny how things workout. Currently I'm not writing, not featuring at events, and unemployed but my poetry is running amok across the world-- literally. In 13 hours I have an interview with Chrysalis Zine, Jorge AKA Black Coffee Poet last week dedicated 3 days of his blog to my work, France's Paris Collective will be hosting an art/club event which my "spoken-word" piece No(n)sense will be featured as an installation and featured in a zine available at the event, and I received the contract for my 2nd collection of poetry from Guernica Editions.

Jorge's work can be found in the media section. Please check that section regularly as I attach links to my interview with Chrysalis, and a poem I am donating to their Tumblr (separate from the work they are publishing within their pages). For some reason the Twitter feed on this blog is failing, hopefully, I'll resolve that in the near future. Until then, take care.

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