Poetic Voice Workshop March 3rd

For those curious about my upcoming workshop this is a brief synopsis.

In a period of three years I went from being a spoken-word artist to signing my first book deal. I've known far better writers who have taken as much as a decade to publish their first book. Thinking about this, I tried to rationalize why. One reason I came up with was because of my writings' clarity of voice. To be successful in poetry slams a poet needs to create a unique, yet, relate-able poetic construct fitting a small set of subjects. Bringing this skill over to the literary world gave me a huge advantage.

Recently, I began analyzing my writing philosophy, methodology, editing style, and performance techniques to better get a grasp of my personal poetic voice. Doing so, I found, and created some writing exercises. The exercises involved in this workshop will start you down a path to better understand, and take advantage of your poetic voice.

New Poets: My hope is that this workshop gives you tools to quickly develop your style, and the confidence to share your work.

Advance Poets: My hope is that this helps you codify what you're already doing -- leading to a more confident understanding of your writing, and improve the "selling" of your poetry.

Spoken Word Artists/Poets: My hope is to aid in improving the literary standard of your work, and add nuance to your performances.

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