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The year so far

  It's been a while since I've posted here. A lot has happened. The anthology I edited was featured on CBC Radio ! When I told my mom about  being interviewed, she thought it was for CBC Toronto. The weekend it was broadcasted, she received a call from a colleague in PEI asking if I was her son. Later that day, as she was driving home, the presenter on CBC announced that my interview was going to be on. She pulled over and listened to her son speak on national radio. Soon after she got home, I got a call from her. It was a good day. Not all the days have been good.  Two members of my family had Covid-19. A friend in the US who I try to chat with regularly, also contracted it. Slowly, everyone I know has been impacted by this thing. Yet convincing people to use masks is becoming more difficult. That said, we can't live in fear. On the positive, I've just talked to Denis at Mansfield Press . They were supposed to publish my third book of poetry back in September, but you

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