Like Air

Photo courtesy Daeyhun Kim

Air (formerly Like Air) is a collaborative project between Liz G and myself for inter/multi arts collective MXTP_CLTRS. Workshopped as part of our artist residency at Arts Letters And Numbers, the first public performance was an open rehearsal held at their Barn space on Aug 18th 2017. Below is a description of the project as described on the ALAN website:

Like Air follows the lives of Olivia and Adam (Adyemo) as they go through transitional moments. Olivia is coming out of a relationship with her common law husband, an alcoholic, and is leaving a job where she had to deal with an abusive boss. Adam is addicted to pain medication and marijuana when he’s arrested for being a drug dealer. Adam learns that he was falsely accused of being a drug dealer by his ex-girlfriend and former best friend who were stealing prescription drugs from him. By chance, Olivia and Adam meet each other while going through this period of their lives.

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